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Liposomal DHEA

  • Liposomal Formula

    Liposomal formulas have increased absorption and bio-availability. Better known as simply DHEA, the most abundant adrenal steroid hormone in the body. Our DHEA is made from natural wild yams. DHEA is the key basic material utilized by the adrenal glands for conversion into the all-important steroids: cortisol, testosterone, estrogens, and others.

    Just as importantly, the adrenals also secret DHEA directly into the bloodstream, where similarly distal target cells throughout the body convert it into testosterone, estrogens and other hormones. The amount of each hormone that DHEA creates during the conversion process depends on an individual’s nutrient status‚ stress, age‚ and sex. Normally DHEA levels peak at around age 25‚ and then decline steadily to approximately 20% of normal levels by the Age of 70 6. For those with additional stress, DHEA will decline more rapidly.*

    Therefore, because DHEA serves as a substrate to so many vital steroids essential to adapting to stress, approximately 50% or more of our most stressed patients reveals labs that show DHEA deficiency and are subsequently placed unto DHEA.*

    DHEA is a major adrenal hormone that supports the cortisol pathway and fundamental anti-inflammatory mechanisms in the body 12,13. Supplementing with DHEA can promote lean muscle mass, energy, stamina, sexual function, mood, immune function, circulatory health, joint health, hormone levels and more.* Studies suggest that DHEA can aid and facilitate:

    • a healthy aging process*(1)

    • hormone and adrenal balance*(2)

    • bone density* (10-12)

    • strength and lean muscle mass*(4)

    • sexual functions*(2,7,8)

    • mood, memory*(9) and well-being*(5)

    • immune function*(1)

    • cardiovascular health*(3)

    • anti-inflammatory processes* (12,13)

    Additional support of adrenal function should include 1) optimization of all hormones including thyroid, 2) nutrient measurement and correction of deficiencies, 3) optimizing detoxification and pH, 4) balancing the mind stressors, and 5) reducing the body stressors with oxygenation.

    For further information on protocols for the adrenal glands please see:

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